Featured Water Walkers

Different individuals who have committed themselves to the Water will be highlighted here – the list is not exhaustive – more Water Walkers will be added.

Water Walker Highlight: Elizabeth Elson

Elizabeth Brass Elson’s Spirit name is Wabiska Myingan, (White Wolf). She is Ojibway/Cree from the Chimnissing First Nation, an Island on lower Georgian Bay. She is also a Midewiwin initiate at Three Fires Lodge.

Beth works with the schools in the district to teach them water walking and water protection. She also works for the water as the UOI Women’s Water Commissioner for the Southeast Region.

Beth first met Josephine-Ba at an occupation during the Dumpsite 41 protest. Josephine-Ba came and stayed with them for a few days to help protect the world’s purest water.

In Beth’s own words: “Water Walking with Josephine-Ba in 2011, 2015, and 2017 opened my eyes to the spiritual journey of water protection. The connection one makes with Creator and Mother Earth during these walks with like minded souls leaves a lasting obligation to continue the work to protect the water for our future generations. Water really is Life!”

Other Water Walkers:

Andrew Mandamin

Shirley Ida Williams

Elizabeth Osawamick

Florence Osawamick

Miigwaans Osawamick-Sagaassige

Esther Humphrey

Nigig Humphrey

Autumn, Stephanie, and Ciara Peltier

Georgie Horton-Baptiste

Joanne Robertson

Abitoonse Giisis

Dorothy Taylor

Sharon Manitowabi

Glen Bressette Jr.

Jennifer Engstrom

Chuck and Jen Raspor

Hilda Atkinson

Caleb Atkinson

Kayne Atkinson

Belinda Atkinson

Trinity Johnson

Paige Johnson

Dallas Abitong

Mary Anne Caibiosaie

Mike Clark

Norma Peltier

Thecla Mishibinijima

Marilyn Nelson

Nelson Toulouse

Marie Trudeau Eshkibok

Doreen Day

Doreen Bedard

Linda Manitowabi

Shauna Pitawankwat

Gabriel Peltier

Nelson Footman

And so many others…

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