Creative Reflections “Sounding the Blue Alarm: the Orca’s Song”

About 3 weeks ago, I woke up from a dream. I have had chronic insomnia for the last two years since a car accident in 2018, so to dream is significant.

In the dream, I’m inside the Ocean. She is a deep turquoise, aqua blue with varying shades of light moving to the surface.

I don’t know how I can breathe, but I can. She’s given me this gift of seeing from the inside of the Ocean with ease. I’m in absolute awe and wonderment, like a child all over again; it is as if I am remembering my time in my mother’s womb. She glitters as She dances; her total movement filled with so much Life, I can’t help but just stare, wide eyed.

I hear a sound – a song – the kind of song that makes your heart stop for a second because it is so hauntingly beautiful and so very sad. First, it is a single voice and then another, and another, and another, keep joining until there is a chorus.

I turn slowly, using my hands to move myself clockwise in a circle towards this soul song. It’s coming from the East. I can tell because way above I can see môsom pîsim, Grandfather Sun, shining bright and full.

When I face the East, I see them: a pod of Orcas. There are seven of varying sizes. There are two little babies. I can see something coming from them, making billowing designs, dark against the blue, almost like an ink splotch. I move closer. They make eye contact with me.

It’s blood.

Each one of the seven is bleeding, but it is their eyes that catch me. Their eyes are reaching into my own life flame, connecting to it in this strange profoundly beautiful way.

I want desperately to help them, but the blood just keeps coming. I lay my head on the Oldest one and my tears mix with the Ocean. The babies come closer and my wail joins their song as the blood keeps billowing out of them.

The morning of the dream I read the following news:

“The Trans Mountain project and expanded capacity would mean a seven-fold increase in the number of oil tankers coming and going. The Port of Vancouver is the most active in Canada. Ice free and deepwater, it is home to terminals for all manner of cargo: chemicals, containers, bulk goods, crude oil.”

What they forget to mention is the Life it is also home to. I was born in Victoria, British Columbia. My placenta and my life cord are a part of that Water. I have also been Water Walking for 10 years now.

I have walked approximately 7000 kms. This relationality, 7 x 7 generations, whelp! Oh, Biidaasige-Ba 💦💦 I am listening and I can hear. This relationality is why the Water reached out to me. It is why the Orcas came to me.

After reading the article, I realized I’m to share this dream to help give the Orcas and the Water voice. I’m to point out how many news casts and media don’t mention them. I’m to point out that much of humanity has forgotten our interconnectedness to Life, itself.

My dream is to remind those who have forgotten this Life, all the forms of this Life, that are worth so much more than the money people are grasping onto. There is not enough money in the world to take in exchange for Life, itself.

They are us and we are them. The Water is us and we are the Water. Hear their message: for their sake and for ours, for all the Babies, please, hear the voice of the Water and the voices of those who are a part of Her who are warning us. Please, stop and listen before it’s too late.

Tasha Beeds ©March 2022

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